Friday, February 24, 2017

Government has very little support left in the private sector

Today the General feeling within the private sector is that the Ranil - Sirisena government is doing very poorly, that there is indecision and the President and Prime Minister cannot agree on most things. The news papers also Highlights this over and over again in their editorials. The Hiru and Sirasa News only focus on the negative news. The protest in the Colombo city continue on a daily basis, without any action. At every business forum the ineffectiveness of the government is highlighted.

Not a single person appointed by the government other than Ministers Ravi Karunanayake, Dr Rajitha Senarathne and occasionally Malik Samarawickrama and the Prime Minister defend the government. The private sector has happily forgotten the way Rajapaksa's ruled the country and a lot of good things have happened post jan 8th, like the 19 th ammendment. No body dared to talk then and the fake stories spread by Dr P.B Jayasundara and Nivard Cabral were cheered on by the Private Sector elite led by Susantha Rathnayake, Delith Jayaweera, Mano Selvanathan, K Wegapitiya, Dhammika  Perera , Thilak De Zoysa,, Nimal Perera, SanTh Ukwatte, Sumal Perera and Ashok Pathirage. These people defended the Rajapakse's publicly and at every forum. That is why the government held on for 10 years, until Mahinda Rajapakse got greedy and decided to go for the third term.

Ironically the UNP has no one other than a handful who have been effectively sidelined by the fly by night new heroes to defend the government at any forum. Where is Charitha Ratwatte, Paskaralingem, Saman Ekanayake, Dr Coomarasawmy  and Mangala Yapa? They do nothing while the government walks from one crisis to another any get lambasted. Why are they silent? They are only there to look after their interests. The Rajapakse's were smart, they appointed people who were loyal to them and the party. They would do anything to protect the Rajapaksa government.

The government now according to experts has no control over the financial sector as a result of bad appointments,  the Rupee continues slide( 2015- 132, 2017- 152) and interest rates keeps moving up( 8% to 14%), simply because the Governor has no interests in protecting the government other than himself, the HNB Chairman Rienzi Arseculrathne , Seylan Bank Chairman Ravi Dias, Commercial Bank Chairman Deerathne, NSB Chairman  and People's Bank Chairman Fernando did nothing for the government and they have no love for the government. They are there only for their survival and what they can take out.

Many of the key appointments made by this government has been short sighted and done at the whims of people like Ratwatte and Samarawickrama. If the government hopes to run for four years, changes have to be made now. The government is about to crash land for want of leadership at certain key institutions. (LankaNewsWeb)

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