Monday, April 18, 2016

Sri Lankan Businesswoman ‘kidnapped and assaulted ex’, Dubai court hears

From The National - UAE - By Salam Al Amir
DUBAI - A businesswoman kidnapped and assaulted a man before forcing him to take his clothes off, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Monday.
Prosecutors said that the 30-year-old Sri Lankan woman was previously in a relationship with the man and he had obtained some private pictures of her.
When she asked for them back, he refused, she said.
On December 13 last year, the woman called two of her male friends, a 29-year-old compatriot and a 36-year-old man from Sudan, and allegedly asked them to help her kidnap her ex-boyfriend.
The trio tracked the man down to a place in Al Karama, prosecutors said, and headed there in the Sudanese defendant’s car.
The woman said during questioning that the Sudanese wanted to take the man to a police station but she insisted that they take him to her flat in Abu Hail.
After allegedly forcing the man into the vehicle, the woman is accused of hitting his face with her mobile phone and with her shoes.
Prosecutors said that she asked him for her pictures or else she would strip him naked and take photos of him and use them against him if he dared use the photos of her. “He didn’t mind and he took off his clothes," she told prosecutors.
The second defendant said during questioning that he and the Sudanese co-accused tried to talk the man into giving the woman her pictures but he refused.
“I tried to convince him and asked him why had he sent her pictures to some family members but he didn’t answer and, once at her apartment, he willingly took off his clothes," he said.
The trio denied a kidnapping charge in court on Monday.
“I didn’t kidnap him and it was him who got undressed on his own, after which he offended me so I beat him up," said the businesswoman.
She and her fellow Sri Lankan are charged with sexual assault by stripping the man naked and taking his pictures and with physically assaulting him. The Sri Lankan man alone is charged with damaging the man’s phone.
The man’s nationality and age were not given.
The next hearing will be on May 9.

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