Thursday, April 14, 2016

Everyone is taking the mickey out of the world's biggest air liner for very obvious reasons

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The world’s biggest aircraft will be tested over the UK over the course of the following month.

The Airliner 10 is the length of a football pitch and is a mix between a plane, an airship and a helicopter.

It was named after its ability to carry 10 tonnes, it measures 92 metres and can carry 50 people and reach a top speed of 91mph despite being 43m wide and 26m tall.

It can stay airborne for three weeks unmanned and can operate in extreme temperatures, making it a possible search and rescue operation vehicle.

It is usually featured in stories regarding construction and testing developments with images like the above photo, taken on 28 February 2014.

As a result social media reacts to the latest developments on the craft exactly as you'd 

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