Thursday, March 17, 2016

‘We invited Royal boys’

From Ceylon Today - By Ananda Weerasuriya

Kollupitiya Police submitted an additional report to the Fort Magistrate's Court yesterday noting that students arrested by them for having allegedly attempted to enter Bishop's and Ladies College premises in Colombo had done so after being invited by the Principals of these schools.

The Police report was submitted to Court when the case was heard yesterday.

Fourteen students from Royal College who were arrested on charges of trying to break into Bishop's College and Ladies' College in Colombo were produced before the Fort Magistrate and granted bail after being ordered to appear in Court yesterday.

However, Kollupitiya Police said in its additional report yesterday that the two principals of these schools had given a statement to Police claiming that the students had tried to enter the two schools sans objections and therefore no further legal action was warranted.

Kollupitiya Police informed Court that no further legal action was being contemplated against the suspects.

Taking all arguments into consideration the Fort Magistrate ordered the 14 students to be released and dismissed the case.

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