Tuesday, March 22, 2016

‘Namal Malli, we’re saved’, Anura Senanayake’s message to Namal!

From LanakNewsWeb

Both MP Namal Rajapaksa, who is a key accused in the Wasim Thajudeen murder, and retired senior DIG Anura Senanayake, who stands accused of aiding murder and concealing evidence in connection with the same killing, are in a very happy mood these days, reports say. That is because, from today (22), senior DIG S.M. Wickramasinghe has been appointed the acting IGP. Senanayake has sent a SMS message to Namal, informing him about the appointment.

IGP N.K. Illangakoon has gone on leave prior to retirement. He is due to retire in the second week of April. He will be succeeded by Wickramasinghe, who was in charge of Mahinda Rajapaksa’s security and is now in charge of the security of the incumbent president.

Police officers say Wickramasinghe and Senanayake are very good friends. Namal addresses Wickramasinghe as ‘Wicky uncle.’ It is this ‘Wicky uncle’ who had saved Namal over the accusation that he had sent a bodyguard near the president with a weapon with live bullets last year. The CID issued several summons to him to make statements, but using his official powers, Wickramasinghe avoided the summons, but in the end gave one. However, he got ASP Ariyapala, who took down his statement, to be transferred.

It is expected that all key positions in the police department will be changed once Wickramasinghe becomes the IGP. Thereafter, all thieves will have a time of relief with the dawning New Year.

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