Sunday, March 20, 2016

Crime and punishment

From Ceylon Today - By Jeevana Pahan Thilina
Has our society fallen to the level that even the killing of people is justified? What has happened to our humanity? We have to think of this after the recent murder of five persons.
At first, the incident appeared as a mystery that cannot be solved. A van had burnt with five persons inside in a deserted area at Koshenawatta in Bujjampola, Dankotuwa. No one had seen the van until it was burnt completely. Rumours spread that the parts of a little child was also in the van. But later it was identified that the dead bodies belonged to well-grown men.
Who were they?
Charred bodies
No one could identify the charred bodies. Police had to look for disappeared people.
'Navy Kapila' had disappeared. He had given the last call to his daughter in the night the van was burnt. The van he used was also a KDH. His was also a dangerous character. He was a vehicle seizer who worked for a finance company.
Suspicions grew that Navy Kapila could be among the dead. Kapila's wife identified the body from a steel plate in his leg and from a pendant. The others were his cohorts, namely, Rathmalane Naina, Peliyagoda Neil, Katane Krishantha aka Sooppuwa.
Police then discovered the place Kapila had dinner. It was with Manju. Police arrested him and the story was revealed.
"I am coming on the highway. Make ready three bottles of arrack and bite," Kapila called Manju and ordered.
Manju was tired of Kapila who used to take a ransom of Rs 40,000 each month. Ransom taking was Kapila's income. Manju saw this was the opportunity for ending this.
He called Chaminda, a murder accused and three others to help him. Kapila and the four others who were unaware of any of this enjoyed the free party. Manju mixed some drugs to the drinks. After that they easily killed one by one by hitting their head with a club. Then the bodies were put in the van. Manju drew the van while the other two followed. First they considered Makandura fair to burn the van but in fear of Police they took it to Bujjampola.
There are many people who wanted to get rid of Navy Kapila who solicited a ransom from them. The ransom ranged from
Rs 20,000 to 60,000. Additionally, they had offered Kapila and his cohorts liquor.
Navy Kapila threatened them not to let them carry out their business unless they paid the ransom they were ordered to pay monthly. Therefore, they were obliged to Kapila though unwillingly.
Navy Kapila was an ill-famous seizer who provided services to finance companies. They used to hijack the vehicles for the company from the persons who have failed to pay the instalments. The seizers are paid according to the amount due by the debtor. It was Kapila's main income and ransom taking was his part time business.
The van Navy Kapila was travelling, was given to him by a well-known finance company for which Kapila worked.
Navy Kapila's real name is Senarath Kapila Bandara. He served in the Navy and retired citing medical conditions. He was born in 1970 and was 46 years old at the time of his death. He resided in Kajuwatta, Pannala. Kapila's parents were teachers. Navy Kapila was married and was the father of three daughters. The youngest daughter was ten years old. There are rumours about Navy Kapila's family life too.
He is accused of several murders and rapes. He killed a three wheeler driver and burnt his body in the same place his (Kapila) body was burnt.
The people in Pannala did not like him. He took the law into his hand and terrorized others.
Navy Kapila was an Island Reconvicted Criminal (IRC). He was a dreaded killer when he was alive. But no one was willing to accept his body and the funeral had to be done at public expense.

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